Dave Beneteau

UFC vet who competed from 1995 to 2001. Beneteau's Martial arts background was more tailored to an MMA career than most. A black belt in Judo, and 3-time Ontario Judo Association heavyweight champion, he coupled his traditional martial arts skills with an amateur career as a Greco Roman wrestler. He was also a training partner of Gold Medal Olympian, Mark Schultz (whom I'll talk about more in a future iteration). So all told it's of little surprise that Beneteau was able to make more of his career in MMA than many. He would end his career at 6-5-1, and although he worked as a paramedic during his time as a fighter, he's moved on to bigger things since retiring. After leaving the sport in 2001 Beneteau became a criminal defense lawyer and now works as a corporate attorney. Recently he became a licensed MMA official in Ontario.

Fighter Stats

Nickname "Dangerous"
Height 6' 2"
Weight 250 lbs
Place of birth Windsor, Ontario, Canada