Melton Bowen

UFC vet who competed in UFC 4. Much in the mold of Art Jimmerson before him, Melton Bowen was a reasonably talented journeyman boxer who made a one time foray into MMA. A Jamaican born fighter, he lived and trained in Miami, reportedly working with Robert Daniels and Jose Ribalta. He started his pro career in 1987 and was 32-6 by the time he set foot in the UFC opposite Steve Jennum. Bowen was known as something of an early Mike Tyson clone, a hard-punching KO artist, which would lead him to a chance at the 1993 WBF heavyweight title. In MMA history, however, Bowen has a very different distinction. He was the first fighter ever to wear MMA gloves in the UFC. It would be another 10 events and three years before the gloves became standard MMA apparel, but their first appearance was here and now on the hands of Melton Bowen. After his fighting career, which only included a single MMA appearance, Bowen would have one last strange moment in the media spotlight. Following the infamous "Miami Cannibal" case in 2012, Bowen stepped forward to reveal that he knew the man in question and had actually knocked him out when the man attacked him after a dispute over music. Bowen was quoted as saying "He wasn't violent. If you got to know him, he was pretty cool. He was all right."

Fighter Stats

Nickname "The Punisher"
Height 6' 0"
Weight 225 lbs
Place of birth Irmo, South Carolina, USA