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Gracie family reacts to Kron’s UFC Phoenix win


Royce, Rickson, Renzo, Kyra and other members of the Gracie family are proud of Kron’s victorious UFC debut.

4 obscure fighters every hardcore fan should know


These fighters are all deserving of their place in mma’s hall of WTF.

‘King Mo’ down for ‘moneyweight’ fight with Carwin


"King Mo" Lawal threw out an intriguing and somewhat surprising name Monday on The MMA Hour when asked for an opponent who would interest him for his Bellator return.


From Hardcore to Reluctant Fan

"You gotta see this guy Royce Gracie. He’s this little dude that beats up all these huge guys. It’s called the ultimate fighting championship, you can rent it at blockbuster." I was in high...

Emmanuel Yarborough 1964-2015


The former amateur sumo, judoka, collegiate wrestler and pro wrestler passed away on Monday.