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OSMMA Review Awards, Volume 1 (1993-1996)


Who was the best of the best (and best of the worst) in Old School MMA history? Watch the video and see who the fans decided were worthy to win a Golden Andy Anderson!

OSMMA Review Awards: Best Event Ever


What was the best old school UFC event ever (from 1993-1996)? Vote in the OSMMA Review Awards and tell us what your favorite show was!

OSMMA Review Awards: Most Memorable Loser


Vote here in the OSMMA Review Awards to let us know who you think was the most memorable loser from the SEG days of early UFC events!

OSMMA Review Awards: Worst Fight Ever


It's time to vote for the best of the best from the worst of the worst old school UFC fights!

Old School MMA Review: UFC 2


UFC 2 was the biggest tournament in the history of the promotion, and may have been the greatest no-holds-barred tourney ever! Take a trip down memory lane with this Old School MMA Review!