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Editorial: The UFC would be crazy to drop Joe Rogan

Along with being one of the only figures involved with the UFC whose fame and audience has outstripped his role with the promotion, he’s also one of the only remaining connections for fans to a...

Awkward! Goldie Runs Into Ex-Boss Dana White

Mike Goldberg runs into ex-UFC boss Dana White in Las Vegas and details the "awkward" conversation they had during a local hockey tournament.

Missed Fists: Bally’s Fight Night event introduces ‘augmented reality’ power bars


MMA Fighting’s Alexander K. Lee takes a look back at recent overlooked battles, including Bally’s on-screen health bars, a teaser for Fight Circus’ upcoming phone booth lethwei fight, Terrance...

Bellator Says Goodbye To Goldberg

Former UFC play-by-play announcer Mike Goldberg will no longer be part of Bellator MMA’s broadcast team.