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Why Formiga won't think about a UFC title shot


Jussier Formiga once was the No. 1 flyweight in the world, and he changed his approach to the game in order to get back to the top.

BtO: NHB legend Jose Landi-Johns tops busy weekend


"Pele" Landi-Johns scores the 29th win of his 20-year career, former Strikeforce contender Brett Rogers continues his Eastern European campaign, and UFC vets Joe Doerksen, Tim Hague, and Jose Maria...


Did UFC 176 need to be cancelled? (Playing Devil's advocate)

Today is August 2, 2014. It is a regular Saturday, one which means little to MMA fans, if anything at all. A full week has passed since the latest UFC FOX card, and Bellator's latest Summer...

Sorting out the UFC's flyweight division


What does the future hold for the UFC's flyweight division? Mookie Alexander scans the field and sees how the division stacks up from top title contenders to the gatekeepers.


Top 10 Flyweight Prospects

Here are my top 10 Flyweight prospects, and I'm finishing it up at a good time as one of them fought last weekend, and three of them are in action coming up this weekend. I've disqualified...