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Hot Tweets: Two ideas on how to fix MMA judging


Last weekend, Jon Jones got away with one by stealing a win from Dominick Reyes with the help of three judges. That naturally brought about more debate about how to fix scoring in MMA, so let’s get...

Morning Report: Cain Velasquez: Jon Jones would be a great challenge but I think I can beat him


Cain Velasquez thinks he has what it takes to avenge Daniel Cormier’s only official MMA loss.

Morning Report: Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz discuss nearly coming to blows at a bar


Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz relive old drinking stories together.

Morning Report: Chuck Liddell says he’s ‘staying ready’ for MMA comeback, proposes Chael Sonnen or Tito Ortiz fights


Liddell sounds like he is seriously interested in a return to fighting.

Retired Miguel Torres was once viewed as one of the sport’s best fighters


Miguel Torres was the first true star bantamweight fighter in the U.S., but between his fading from the top and the domination of Dominick Cruz, his place in history is largely forgotten.