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Missed Fists Theater: The pre-UFC days of Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Rose Namajunas, and more


With UFC 249 officially postponed, we take a look at the pre-UFC careers of the stars that were set to compete at this weekend’s show.

The Best Submissions Of 2018 Are ...

Fight fans got their fair share of fancy groundwork this mixed martial arts (MMA) season, but there were five, well technically six, submissions that stood out from the rest in 2018.

The first man to hit a Suloev Stretch in a UFC fight, Kenny Robertson, reflects on ripping hammies


Kenny Robertson is a Suloev Stretch expert, having used the move during his collegiate days wrestling at Eastern Illinois and later tapping Brock Jardine with it at UFC 157. What did he think about...

UFC 214: Jones vs. Cormier - Moves to Remember


Combat Course: Lessons from the Cage presents a technical analysis of memorable moves from UFC 214.

Inside TUF: Is the talent pool tapped out?


Are veteran fighters too boring for TUF? Can the UFC find the right rotation of weight classes to develop more good prospects? Also, a fighter bares his backside to stand out in interviews.