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Rampage wants a ‘grudge match’ against... Darrill Schoonover???


Now well into his 40s, well out of his prime, and seemingly well out of competition, the former PRIDE star & UFC champ still has a few odd scores to settle.

‘Rampage’ Jackson Still Wants To Fight His TUF Bully Victim

It’s been more than one decade since Jackson dubbed Darrill Schoonover "Titties" on SpikeTV, but Quinton still wants to fight him in the cage.

Inside TUF: What fighters got from the experience


In the final installment of Beau Dure’s never-published book, fighters say why they wanted to be on the show and how it helped (or hurt) their careers.


Dear UFC: St. Louis Deserves An Event

Last year I wrote two fanposts on this topic, basically giving a history on the handful of major MMA events that have happened in his fair city and questioning why the UFC hasn't bothered to grace...

Rampage wants to settle old TUF 10 score in Bellator


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson wants to fight his old TUF 10 nemesis, Darrill Schoonover, at heavyweight in Bellator.