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That bloody Bisping defines words like 'heart'


Michael Bisping somehow didn't go out this time when Dan Henderson hit him with the 'H-Bomb' at UFC 204, he just kept coming. And at some point, you have to marvel at his unwillingness to go gentle...

BtO: Techno Goliath victorious, UFC vets go 5-3


"The Techno Goliath" Hong Man Choi advances to the Road FC openweight tournament finals, where he'll meet former K-1 nemesis Mighty Mo. Meanwhile, UFC vets, including Tim Hague, Kalib Starnes,...

BtO: UFC vets to 6-5


UFC vets Anthony Smith, Dan Stittgen, and Eric Schafer all scored first-round victories this weekend. Plus, a look at post-UFC standings for Tim Elliott, Steven Siler, and Pat Healy.

Duke Roufus responds to critics


The UFC coach and kickboxing legend responds to former Roufusport teammembers who have chosen to condemn him and his gym in the aftermath of a brutal news report about a fighter's death.

Koch defends Roufus, Schafer keeps on ripping


Amidst controversy Erik Koch defends coach Duke Roufus but ex-Roufusport grappling coach Eric "Red" Schafer elaborates on his criticisms.