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Kron Gracie signs with the UFC, meets Alex Caceres at UFC 233


Six years later, another member of the Gracie family will enter the Octagon.


Bibiano Fernandes’ rise from the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon forest, as fascinating as it is deadly, has its own myths and legends.

Morning Report: Chael Sonnen says giving Conor McGregor a chance against Floyd Mayweather is an ‘incredible disrespect to boxing’


Chael Sonnen weighs in on Conor McGregor’s chances against the greatest boxer of this generation.

Urijah Faber was catalyst to key MMA changes


With the career of Urijah Faber in its sunset, we look back at his part in putting MMA on the map in Sacramento, putting lighter weight fighters on the map across the country, and his popularity...


Featherweight Lineal Timeline: A 25 year journey from 1 championship to the unification of 24 lineal titles (PART 1 of 2)

Hello there lineal title fans! Okay, so now we know that the greatest ever UFC event EVER (!!!) in UFC history (!!!) featuring the greatest match up in UFC history…ever (!!!) is not going to happen...