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Gleison Tibau signs new contract with the UFC


Following a loss to Michael Johnson at UFC 168, Gleison Tibau signs new four-fight deal with the promotion and hopes to fight again in Brazil in March.

Tibau wants ‘big opportunities’ with finish


Gleison Tibau will enter the Octagon for the fourth time in 2013, and he wants a big win over Michael Johnson at UFC 168 to move closer to a shot at the lightweight championship.

Best MMA Writing of 2013: On UFC fighter contracts


The Best MMA Writing of 2013 puts the spotlight on Jonathan Snowden over at Bleacher Report who was able to talk to the UFC brass and Lorenzo Fertitta about UFC fighter contracts and the pay...

Review! UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 DVD Set

Review! UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 DVD set clocks in at 20 DVDs for over 200 of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fights of the past year, starting with UFC 148 and ending with UFC 161 and...

OTR! Ortiz And Shamrock Try To Rip UFCs Dana White


Show recap: Tito Ortiz and his former bitter rival, Ken Shamrock, sat down for a chat with Michael Landsberg from TSN's Off The Record to talk about how they feel fighter pay is unfair, criticize...