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Fast Finishes! Ayala Taps ‘The Silencer’ ... In Just 63 Seconds

Heavyweight fights are infamous in mixed martial arts (MMA) for ending quickly thanks to the larger size of the competitors and massive musculature they can put into a punch. Sometimes though you...

Hot Tweets: UFC 240 outcomes and building the UFC’s best football team


Answering the best questions with the hottest takes in MMA.

The Ultimate Fighter 1 veteran Lodune Sincaid dead at age 45


Lodune Sincaid, who competed on The Ultimate Fighter’s first season, has died.

Morning Report: Dana White, Ronda Rousey comment on Conor McGregor’s ‘retirement’ tweet


Dana White and Ronda Rousey comment on Conor McGregor’s retirement from MMA.

Morning Report: Luke Rockhold says Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones ‘should be suspended for a long time’


Luke Rockhold is unhappy with USADA’s recent actions, wants "a fair playing field."