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Cormier Still Mad At Jones For Cheating

Former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier, despite admitting to cheating, is still mad at longtime rival Jon Jones for his drug test drama ahead of their 205-pound title fights.

Cormier Asks: Are You As Dumb As Jon Jones?

Retired UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier rips into former rival Jon Jones after revelations that "Bones" hid from drug testers to avoid failing for marijuana.

‘There’s No Peace, It’s Always Going To Be This’

UFC Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier reveals that there’s no going back after Jon Jones crossed a line with his "kill" comments several year ago, claiming that there will never be peace between...

Politics! ‘Bones’ Offers To Slap Whoever Came Up With UFC P4P Rankings Formula

UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings don’t make sense. They never did and they never will. They are dumb. And Jon Jones knows this.

MMA SQUARED: Daniel Cormier won the first ever MMA ESPY


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