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Donald Cerrone vs. John Makdessi full fight video


Watch Donald Cerrone extend his wining streak to eight by defeating John Makdessi at UFC 187.

What if Johnson hadn't turned down Cerrone at 187?


The biggest regrets in life are always the opportunities you didn't take. That seems to be the lesson that Michael Johnson is learning after missing out on a huge UFC 187 card.

Coach: Cowboy had 'bad' rib injury before UFC 187


According to his coach, Donald Cerrone earned his title shot with an injured rib.

Rumble big UFC 187 winner with half million salary


The numbers are in and, at least wihtout any locker room pay or PPV points, Anthony Johnson and Chris Weidman were the big salary winners at UFC 187.

Hindsight Doubleheader: UFC 187 & Manila


Oh what a day, what a lovely day!*