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PPV estimates for UFC 185, 186 are in


The buyrates for the last two UFC pay-per-views are in, and as was probably expected, UFC 186 was a flop.

RDA on former sparring partner's doping accusation


Rafael dos Anjos wasn't too pleased with Bobby Green's accusations of doping after his fight against Anthony Pettis. The champion believes Green wants to promote himself by talking about him and...

Pettis wants RDA next but Nate Diaz is on the list


The former lightweight champ doesn't care for the flak he's been getting from the younger Diaz and would like to settle it in the cage.

RDA: No more Showtime, now it's Dos Anjos time


UFC LW champion, Rafael dos Anjos didn't think too much of Pettis' gameplan, as he said he only needed to land a punch to make "Showtime's" strategy go down the drain. He's also a little confused...

Pettis on RDA: 'He got me right in the eyeball'


Anthony Pettis discusses his UFC lightweight title loss to Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 185 earlier this month.