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UFC 196 free fight video: Dos Anjos vs. Pettis


Check out the full fight video of Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael dos Anjos from UFC 185.

Opinion: It's an important 2016 for 'Showtime'


Next month marks Anthony Pettis' first fight since losing the UFC lightweight belt to Rafael dos Anjos. It will be just his 8th fight in 6 years inside the Octagon, and Mookie Alexander believes...


Personality Dictates Fighting Style-Video Podcast

On this new episode of "The Clinch" video podcast, we discuss how fighting styles (boxer, boxer-puncher, pressure fighter and counter fighter) mirror one's personality and talk about how...


Twilight of the Idols: Does Cain Velasquez have feet of clay?

UFC 188 represents an interesting waypost for me as a fight handicapper. For a while I organized my gambling calendar around events where a historic, dominant champion took on a challenger in a...

Rafael dos Anjos welcomes superfights at 170


UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos is anxious to prove his doubters wrong about his legitimacy, also looks to fight at welterweight after defending his title.