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Mania Free Pool (UFC173 Barao vs Dillashaw)

What's up Mania. Back for another recap of our Free Pool game. So I want to apologize for this post being so late. My internet has been on and off for a few days now thanks to the hurricane...


Mania Money Pool Season 13 Event 9 Results: UFC 173 (Barao vs Dillashaw)

via Much props to Andrew (the Pride) and Mike (brokenorbital) for their balls to pick Dillashaw to win. But don't ever tell us that you guys really saw that Dillashaw will beat...

Hindsight: 20/20 on UFC 173


This is it! These are the answers. A bolt of lightning is struck the octagon at precisely 10:04 p.m. last Saturday night! If... If we could somehow harness this lightning... channel it into Bloody...

UFC 173: Sunday Perspective


UFC 173 was capped with a huge upset and Team Alpha Male finally getting a champion.

Chiesa made up for sloppy technique with toughness


Michael Chiesa talks about elbows being part of the gameplan against Francisco Trinaldo at UFC 173, exhibiting patience, ugly fights, surviving a tight guillotine, and more.