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UFC 171: Sanchez says he had food poisoning


Diego Sanchez came up short in his UFC 171 lightweight bout with Myles Jury last night, and today he offered up an explanation - food poisoning from a beef tartare and raw quail egg.

UFC 171: Sunday Perspective


Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler graced UFC 171 with an instant classic of a Welterweight title bout, and Johny Hendricks has officially become the UFC Welterweight Champion.

UFC 171: The 6th Round


Kid Nate, Zane Simon, and Connor Ruebusch join forces to discuss all the post fight topics from UFC 171 including OSPs Von Flue Choke, Carlos Condit's injury, and Johny Hendricks place atop the...

BE Radio: UFC 171 Post-Fight Show


Bloody Elbow Radio, presented by Bad Boy, was live Saturday night with Matt Bishop and T.P. Grant for our UFC 171 post-fight show.

Jury overcomes Sanchez for unanimous decision win


Despite Diego's relentless pressure, Jury stuck to his gameplan to earn the unanimous decision.