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Shields: UFC wants sluggers, not the best fighters


Former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields talks about being cut by the UFC after one loss while still being recognized as one of the world's top mixed martial artists at Welterweight.

Manager surprised UFC released Jake Shields


Manager Lex McMahon on Jake Shields' fight against Hector Lombard, 'the right performance, he potentially fights for the title. The wrong performance, he's looking for a new job'

Judo Chop: The Ashi-Waza of Hector Lombard


Grappling team Judo bum Ananse takes a detailed look at the footsweeps used by Hector Lombard to rag-doll Jake Shields at UFC 171.

On Hector Lombard and playing it safe


Patrick Wyman argues in favor of Hector Lombard's conservative strategy against Jake Shields at UFC 171.

Hindsight: 20/20 on UFC 171


A stripped down look at all the fights and fighters from last weekend's UFC 171. The harsh light of truth on pre-fight picks in a post-fight world.