Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock

April 8, 1995 Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, North Caroline, USA

Old School FightMetric: UFC 5: Gracie x Shamrock 2

From the Fanposts: There are no judges at the time, so the bout ended in a draw, but here's a detailed look at the numbers from the classic fight between Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.

MMA Origins: UFC 1 (20th Anniversary Edition)


Twenty years ago to this day UFC 1 was held, heralding in a new sport to American audiences. T.P. Grant celebrates this occasion by going back and revamping his UFC 1 addition of the MMA Origins...

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Heavyweight Fight

Date: April 8, 1995

Royce Gracie Ken Shamrock
55 age 58
6'1" height 6'0"
170lbs weight 205lbs