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Report: Kazuo Misaki to retire after DEEP bout


Japanese star and former Pride grand prix winner Kazuo Misaki has apparently decided to retire after one more bout in Japan.

Paul Daley Released From Strikeforce Contract


Paul Daley has asked for and received a release from his Strikeforce contract.

Paul Daley's request to be released by Strikeforce has been granted


Paul Daley requested, and has received, his release from Strikeforce.

Pic: Kazuo Misaki cut suffered in Paul Daley fight on March 3 in Strikeforce


Strikeforce welterweight Kazuo Misaki gets busted open by Paul Daley and bleeds like a stuck pig. See it in all its crimson glory right here.


Aesthetics in fighting

Something dawned on me at 1 a.m. PST as I was watching Paul Daley vs. Kazuo Misaki on my DVR. Almost all of my decisions regarding which fighters I like most, who I root for in a matchup, etc all...