DREAM Dynamite!! 2010

Caol Uno vs Kazuyuki Miyata

January 1, 2011 Japan

DREAM MMA Rules in the Featherweight division.

UFC 125 Results and Dynamite!! 2010: Monday Morning Wrap Up


A round up of Bloody Elbow's award winning coverage of UFC 125 and K-1 Dynamite!! 2010.

Snapshot of the Day: Kazuyuki Miyata Slams Caol Uno at Dynamite!! 2010


Our favorite MMA photographer does it again. Here's Esther Lin's very interesting take on the suplex that Kazuyuki Miyata performed on Caol Uno at DREAM Dynamite!! 2010.

Dynamite 2010!!! Live Discussion Thread


Dynamite!!! 2010 Live Discussion and Play by Play

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Featherweight Fight

Date: January 1, 2011

Caol Uno Kazuyuki Miyata
age 45
5'7" height 5'7"
155 weight 141