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MMA Squared Ep 10: Nick Diaz is Back


An excerpt from the Diaz Bros biography Punches in Bunches

We’re re-watching Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz!


Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie return to watch the worst MMA fights they can find with an eye toward the UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, and the WEC. This week we're watching Carlos...

Condit interested in Lawler, Diaz rematches


'The Natural Born Killer' says that if he returns, it would likely be for a rematch with Robbie Lawler or Nick Diaz.

Condit not optimistic about ever facing Diaz again


UFC welterweight title challenger Carlos Condit isn't too interested in a rematch with Nick Diaz.

Judo Chop from the vault: Condit's flying knee KO


Get ready for Carlos Condit vs. Thiago Alves with this look back at one of Condit's career highlights - his spectacular flying knee KO of Dong Hyun Kim.