UFC 140

Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans

December 11, 2011 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

UFC 140 results:


Poll: What is 'Bad for the Sport'?

Google "bad for the sport" in quotation marks. Every result on the first page, aside from one, mentions the UFC. The second page is also all UFC except for one. In both cases, the other sport...

Why Jon Jones Succeeded Where Shinya Aoki Failed


Why don't we see more Jon Jones style elbows in MMA? Jack Slack Investigates.

Jon Jones: I miss being friends with Rashad Evans


Jon Jones admits he misses the good old days of when him and Rashad Evans were friends and not mortal enemies.

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Light Heavyweight Title

Date: December 11, 2011

Jon Jones Rashad Evans
34 age 42
6'4" height 5'11
205 weight 205