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MMA Squared: Is Nick Diaz fighting or what?


The UFC announces a fight, a date, and an opponent, but did they do all that before getting a signed contract?

Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn full fight video


Watch Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn full fight video for their Fight of the Night performance at UFC 137 on Oct. 29, 2011.

B.J. Penn needs time to figure out future in MMA


UFC legend B.J. Penn said he needs to take some time to figure out whether he's going to retire or now.

Dana White: I Want BJ Penn To Retire From MMA

Considering the beatings he's taken in his last two fights, it wouldn't be a surprise to see B.J. Penn retire from mixed martial arts (MMA). In fact, his boss, UFC President Dana White, is hoping...

BJ Penn Hungry For A Win Over Ares & Tri-Star Gym

B.J. Penn cut his retirement short to face a 'top' guy in Rory MacDonald at UFC on Fox 5 on Dec. 8, 2012. Find out inside why that wasn't the only reason "The Prodigy' wanted to face the top...