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Hughes Not 'Happy' Retiring, But Knew It Was Time

Matt Hughes talks about the reluctance he faced when coming to the conclusion of retiring from mixed martial arts (MMA), discussing his new role as the UFC Vice President of Athletic Development...

Matt Hughes wasn't 'soft,' unlike today's fighters


Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes says today's fighters are getting 'softer' and pull out of fights if they are not a 100-percent.

History in the Making: Josh Koscheck punishes Matt Hughes closer to retirement at UFC 135


When Josh Koscheck began fighting inside the Octagon, he was seen as a wrestler with decent power. Now, nearly 20 fights into his UFC career, he's a bonafide stand-up threat.

Matt Hughes open to Thiago Alves rematch, thinks Dan Hardy should worry about winning fights


UFC legend and ex-champ Matt Hughes was a guest on UFC Tonight to talk about a potential next fight. Here's what he said (and who he said it about).

Matt Hughes Inducted Into NJCAA Wrestling Hall Of Fame


Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes was inducted into his second Hall Of Fame over the weekend as he's now a member of the NJCAA Wrestling Hall Of Fame.