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Opinion: In MMA, cheating is for winners


In today's op-ed, columnist John Nash shares his opinion that recent incidents in MMA demonstrate how much better off a fighter is by cheating than following the rules.

Monday Morning Analyst: When is a kimura 'deep'?


Referee Steve Mazzagatti told the Nevada Athletic Commission he knew Rousimar Palhares had a deep kimura on Jake Shields because he had a 'sense' about it. Is that really enough of an answer?

Palhares looking for fair shake from NAC


Rousimar Palhares has his day of judgement forthcoming, after which, he's hoping to put the WSOF far behind him.

Shields gets community service in Palhares case


The Nevada Athletic Commission handed Jake Shields a penalty of community service after Shields punched Rousimar Palhares following the bell last month.

WSOF VP: Palhares needs serious help


WSOF VP Abdel-Aziz thinks that Rousimar Palhares should abandon his fighting career and seek some professional help.