Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu

December 5, 2010 St. Louis, Missouri


Dear UFC: St. Louis Deserves An Event

Last year I wrote two fanposts on this topic, basically giving a history on the handful of major MMA events that have happened in his fair city and questioning why the UFC hasn't bothered to grace...


Dear UFC – St. Louis Is Still Here... Waiting

A few months ago I wrote an open letter here on Bloody Elbow asking why the UFC has never run an event in my hometown of St. Louis. While it's no surprise that I never got an answer, I'm still...


Dear UFC – Please Bring MMA To St. Louis

It's time for another one of my "Dear UFC" pieces.I might have mentioned it a time or two that I'm from St. Louis. Well, that's actually a bit of a fib if I'm being completely honest with you, I...

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