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Did You Vote In The Strikeforce: Best Of 2010 Awards?


Strikeforce announced the Best of 2010 winners today.

Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Gets 2 Million Viewers, Strikeforce 340,000


No knock out blows were scored when the UFC and Strikeforce went head to head in a ratings battle Saturday night.

"The Reem": Alistair Overeem Documentary - Episode 9


"The Reem": Alistair Overeem Documentary - Episode 9 - Teammate Marloes Coenen received a warm welcome after winning her Strikeforce title. Alistair Overeem takes some time off from the K1 training...

Down With Diaz: Nick Diaz Documentary


Down with Diaz: Nick Diaz Documentary Video - Loved and hated in equal measure, Nick Diaz is one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. But FIGHT! found out that few people on either side of the...

Jason "Mayhem" Miller talks to Ben Fowlkes about his latest skirmish with Nick Diaz backstage after...


Jason "Mayhem" Miller talks to Ben Fowlkes about his latest skirmish with Nick Diaz backstage after Diaz vs Noons 2: "I had just finished doing interviews in the back room, and I was walking the same way that he was coming down, and I was actually going to be like, 'Hey, good job, Nick.' But he's coming towards me and he starts mad-dogging me! I was like, really? You're really going to mad-dog me right now? You just fought for 25 minutes! Before I knew it, he had a water bottle hidden down by his side and he threw it at me. I moved out of the way and it hit [training partner] Ryan Parsons in the stomach. I was like, 'Man Ryan, he doesn't like you.' Then we got into some kind of juvenile 'F--- you' match. I was like, 'F--- you bro, you're not even going to do anything.... Actually, as he was walking off or being ushered off, I was like, 'Hey, it's cool, just stay at 170.' Since that's his whole thing is, he won't fight me because he's at 170 [pounds]. Even though he'll fight KJ [Noons], who's not at 170. That's cool for KJ to have to come up, but he won't fight me even though he's talking all this sh-t on me for like five years now, and jumped me on national television. I've been begging for the fight. If the fight doesn't happen it's not my fault. It's not Strikeforce's fault, because they want it. So that leaves one person. Don't be scared, homie." Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons 2 coverage