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Dana White Once Again Misses the Mark With His Remarks About Frank Mir After UFC 119


Dana White once again has made public comments that show Frank Mir in a negative light. Inside are his words and my thoughts on the matter.

The Week in Quotes: September 19th - 25th


Bloody Elbow's Mike Fagan collects and compiles the best of the best of the best quotes from around the MMA universe for the week of September 19th through 25th.

The Economics of MMA: Fight Night and the Sponsorship Game


How much money do UFC fighters really make from their sponsors? Total MMA author Jonathan Snowden exhausted his sources finding out the answer. Like all things in life, it's who you are and who you...

The Worst UFCs Ever


A compendium of the worst ever UFC main events.

Whispers in the Night: What Were Mir and Cro Cop Talking About?


At UFC 119 it seemed Mirko Cro Cop and Frank Mir were doing as much talking as fighting. What were the two discussing? Cro Cop revealed what was said between the two men in an interview with the...