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Gabriel Miranda aims to ‘demolish’ Shane Young at UFC 293, turn around for UFC Sao Paulo

UFC Fight Night: Saint Denis v Miranda
Gabriel Miranda
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Gabriel Miranda has a bold plan for UFC 293, and it includes winning in such perfect fashion that it allows him a two-month turnaround to be part of the UFC Sao Paulo event on Nov. 4.

Miranda said this week on MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast that he respects his opponent Shane Young, but he’s seen so many openings from Young on the ground in his previous UFC matches, including Young’s debut against future champion Alexander Volkanovski, that “he’ll be finished” if makes those mistakes again.

“The idea is to demolish this one, bring the victory, and see if I can get a spot in Sao Paulo,” Miranda said. “I’ll be keeping my weight low in order to be ready. Let’s see how the fight will play out Saturday, right? If it goes the way we’re planning, I believe I’m coming out unscathed, so I’ll be ready whenever they call me.”

Young lost three straight bouts in the UFC after beating Rolando Dy and Austin Arnett in Singapore and Australia, respectively.

Miranda, meanwhile, looks for his first octagon victory after losing via knockout to Benoit Saint Denis in a short-notice bout up a weight class in enemy territory in Paris.

“I took that fight on two week’s notice, a very tough fight no one was willing to take, and still want forward,” Miranda said of his bout with Saint Denis a year ago. “That fight has brought me so much experience, especially being my debut. I was able to see everything I’ve always worked so hard to achieve, and this time I’m more calm and relaxed, I’ve already had the pressure of debuting in the UFC. It took me years to get here.”

Miranda feels he had everything going against him in his debut against Saint-Denis, who used to be a welterweight and had previous experience inside the octagon.

Now, Miranda said, “I’m 100 percent ready to show who I am.”

“[The weight gap] makes a lot of difference in impact and when absorbing strikes,” Miranda said. “Everything changes. I was able to take Benoit down but couldn’t keep him there, and when I landed my hands, he almost didn’t feel it. [Laughs] And I felt his.

“Shane Young also has more experience in the UFC, he’s already fought Volkanovski. He’s no joke, he’s fighting in his home country and I’m sure he needs this win as well. That adds some extra flavor to this fight. I can’t miss. I have to go there and do everything we’ve prepared, give my 100 percent, show them who I am, and bring this submission win for Brazil.”

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