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Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas full fight video highlights

Watch Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas full fight video highlights from the co-main event of UFC Paris, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC Paris took place Sept. 2 at the Accor Arena in Paris, France. Two-time UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas (11-6) moved up in weight to make her flyweight debut against French contender Manon Fiorot (11-1) in the night’s co-main event, which aired live on ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Fiorot vs. Namajunas, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Namajunas out in orthodox, Fiorot out in southpaw. Lots of motion from both women early. Fiorot is noticeably larger.

Fiorot holding the center to start and testing with jabs. Namajunas moving around the outside, trying to find her spots with counters. Fiorot lands a good right hook. Namajunas goes to the kicks. Couple low ones land. Right hand as well. Can she hurt Fiorot though?

Namajunas drew Fiorot onto a good counter there. She’s showing more diversity than Fiorot early but neither woman is landing much. Fiorot lands a jab, Namajunas shoots and Fiorot stuffs it. Right hook finding a home for Fiorot when Namajunas comes in.

Commentary notes that Namajunas may have dislocated a finger. I can’t see it but they are convinced. And if so that would be bad. Namajunas does stick a nice jab in though. Both wmoen staying busy and Fiorot lands her own jab. Neither woman separating much. Left from Namajunas comes over a lazy jab.

Namajunas switches to southpaw. She’s giving a lot of looks. Some low kicks. Fiorot going right down the pipe and not walking onto too much. Namajunas lands another pull counter as I type that. One minute left and this is razor thin.

Fiorot goes high with a kick that Namajunas just blocks. Namajunas starting to get a little busier in there. She’s showing great defense. And she dives on a double but Fiorot walks out of it. That’s not going anywhere.

Great combo lands for Fiorot around the guard. Namajunas’ face is showing some damage. This weight class might be tough for her.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Fiorot.

Round 2: Namajunas’ corner basically confirms that there is something wrong with her pinky finger. Not ideal.

Fiorot comes out firing to start and Namajunas is moving. She’s cutting great angles but she’s not landing much clean and what does land doesn’t seem to hurt Fiorot. Fiorot sticks a good combo in and while Rose is wearing it well, she’s showing damage.

Fiorot comes in with a combo that lands and then a collision sends Namajunas stumbling to the mat. Fiorot pursues and we have a clinch against the fence now with Fiorot landing some really nice knees in there. Ouch. They break and swing but nothing major lands.

Namajunas now trying to press the action. She’s on the offensive and Fiorot moveing around the outside. Fiorot also taking some deep breaths in there. But she lands a nice body kick and then goes up top but it gets blocked.

Namajunas lands a body kick of her own and misses a spin. She then lunges right into a check hook that backs her up. Namajunas is struggling to get consistent offense. Fiorot with a right kick right hook combo that moves Namajunas.

Fiorot tries to throw a side kick and Namajunas keys it and grabs her. Fiorot stumbles to the mat but right back up and Namajunas is on her holding a clinch. Fiorot just turns into her and breaks though. She’s much stronger.

Fiorot goes for a takedown but Namajunas defends and oh no. Clash of heads opens a nasty cut on Fiorot’s head. It’s on the side but she is pouring blood out. That’s less than idea. Referee catches it though and stops the action. Short check and then we resume.

Side kick lands for Fiorot. Namajunas is still struggling to find offense and Fiorot is keeping busy now. Namajunas focusing on her defense too much. She’s staying safe but she’s behind now and may need a finish in the third.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Fiorot, 20-18 Fiorot overall.

Round 3: Namajunas may need a finish and certainly needs to win this round. Both women come out hot and firing combos. They both know it’s close.

Namajunas lands a kick up top. then shoots a double and Fiorot easily defends. Low kick from Namajunas lands. Fiorot keeps firing right hooks every time and lands more often than not. She’s staying busy and that’s the difference though the first 90 seconds as she stuffs another takedown attempt from Namajunas.

Every time Fiorot punches, Namajunas backs out. That’s not helping her land offense. She’s attacking now though but when she steps in, Fiorot hits a counter hook and circles away.

Namajunas switches stances and lands a nice right hand counter when Fiorot steps in. Needs more of that. Fiorot jabs. Namajunas looking for perfect counters. eats another jab. Charges in and takes a combo on the arms.

Ooo. Good left hook from Namajunas but Fiorot eats it like an eclair. 90 seconds left and this round is still very close.

Echange head kicks that get blocked. Then Fiorot lands a 1-2 cleanly. Namajunas backs up and Fiorot charges in but can’t follow up. Fiorot staying busy and not willing to bite down and sling em. She lands a left and another. Comes forward and lands a right that sits Fiorot down but it was a slip and she’s back up. In the clinch with short time and Fiorot breaks it with a knee before the final horn.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Fiorot, 30-27 Fiorot overall.

Manon Fiorot def. Rose Namajunas via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

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