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Alexander Volkov vs. Tai Tuivasa full fight video highlights

UFC 293: Adesanya v Strickland Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images

Watch Alexander Volkov vs. Tai Tuivasa full fight video highlights from the co-main event of UFC 293, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC 293: Adesanya vs. Strickland took place Sept. 9 at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia. UFC heavyweight contenders Tai Tuivasa (14-6) and Alexander Volkov (37-10) collided in the night’s co-main event, which aired live on ESPN+.

Check out the video highlights below.

For more on Tuivasa vs. Volkov, check out the live blog from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Both men out in orthodox and Tuivasa immediately with the jabd and the licks. Tuivasa lands two low kicks to start. Smart of Tuivasa. Volkov lands a snapping left hand.

Tuivasa tries to get a right hand in past the length, but Volkov sticks his right hand. He’s keeping that thing firing. Tuivasa lands a mean one to the body. Volkov moving backward and firing shots. Quick low blow from Volkov pauses the action but Tuivasa shakes it off and he’s back into it.

Volkov snapping kicks to the body. Tuivasa closes in and wings a combo but Volkov showing great head movement, gets out and counters with a left. Tuivasa throws a kick that Volkov catches and counters with a left. Tuivasa goes to the mat and Volkov on him but Tuivasa right up. Tuivasa’s nose is bleeding. And Volkov lands another right down the middle that gets Tuivasa covering up.

Tuivasa is no longer charging in. He’s learning. But Volkov rips a body kick and then a head kick. Volkov looking sensational. Tuivasa lands a big leg kick but Volkov counters immediately. He’s timing that. Every leg kick from Tuivasa earns a left or a right.

90 seconds and a nice combo from Volkov but he’s stuck inside and Tuivasa wings a combo. Volkov retreats and then snaps a leg kick. Volkov slowing down a little. He’s having to fight and he can’t keep Tuivasa off him.

Right hand drops Tuivasa! Short right hook when Tuivasa stepped in and put him on the mat. Tuivasa up but Volkov on a guillotine. Breaks and Volkov hunting with 30 seconds!

Tuivasa has his legs under him and lands a leg kick. Volkov with a big combog and Tuivasa is in trouble at the bell but saved! His face is pouring blood.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 Volkov.

Round 2: Volkov looks phenomenal. Short shots inside, vicious kicks at range. Tuivasa’s corner tells him to keep attacking the calf and that it will go soon. They’d better hope so because Tuivasa is eating 5 for every one he lands.

Volkov circling immediately to start. He’s not going to brawl with Tuivasa. But Tai wants it and starts one immediately. Volkov avoids the biggest shots and gets out.

Tuivasa pressuring a lot and two leg kicks get Volkov to show some damage there. His leg is showing some color. Tuivasa staying in his face. Volkov trying to check some kicks but it is swollen. Tuivasa staying inside but Volkov lands a mean clinch knee.

Anik informs us that the drop in Round 1 was a clash of heads. Oh.

Tuivasa throws a kick but Volkov lands a counter right hand that sits Tuivasa down. He was off balance but Volkov follows him down and he’s on top in half. Tuivasa gets and underhook and stands up.

Tuivasa starting to get the brawl he wants. Volkov is breathing heavy and moving slower and Tuivasa keeps the pressure on. Volkov catches a kick and buts Tuivasa on his back. Volkov no him and moves to mount immediately!

Tuivasa can’t buck Volkov off! Volkov staying very heavy here and chipping in shots. Now he’s setting up an arm-triangle. Tuivasa defends but Volkov is still in mount and now he’s posturing and work. Tuivasa gives up his back but Volkov stays on him. Tuivasa goes back to his back. Volkov staying busy. Tuivasa has no answers.

Volkov attacking an ezekiel! Tuivasa moving but this is getting tighter and there’s the tap!!!!! WOW!

Alexander Volkov def. Tai Tuivasa via submission (ezekiel choke) — 4:37, Round 2.

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