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Jake Paul, Nate Diaz exchange words in final faceoff: ‘Don’t forget, this motherf***** can’t really fight’

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are ready to get after it.

In a pre-fight build that has been relatively tame compared to expectations, things seemed to finally start boiling over for both Paul and Diaz at the ceremonial weigh-ins for their headlining boxing match at American Airlines Center in Dallas on Saturday. After their two teams got into a scuffle at the pre-fight press conference on Thurday, it was Paul and Diaz who nearly came to blows in the final faceoff before the fight, when Diaz prodded Paul with an elbow as they stood opposite each other, triggering an exchange of words and some slight hand-fighting between the two before security intervened.

Ultimately nothing came of it and both men gave their final message to the crowd before walking off.

“Shout out to everybody for the love and support,” Diaz said after the final faceoff. “I appreciate everybody coming out. Much love. And no matter how the fight goes, don’t forget, this motherf***** can’t really fight. Motherf*****. F*** you.”

Paul’s response was equally simple. He first insulted the crowd which was booing him heavily, then turned his intention to Diaz with one final warning.

“Boo yourselves, virgins. Boo yourselves, virgins.” Paul said.

“They’ve been saying ‘Nate’s tough, Nate’s a dog.’ Well guess what, Ariel? Tomorrow, I’m dog-walking that b****! I’m putting him back on a leash and I’m sending him back to the cage! I’m f****** him up! I’m f****** him up!”

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