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Logan Paul raises stakes for Conor McGregor bet offer: ‘$2 million says I beat your boy Dillon Danis’

Anthony Joshua v Robert Helenius - The O2 Arena Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Logan Paul is determined to coax a response out of Conor McGregor.

The YouTuber turned boxer found himself in the Irishman’s orbit ahead of his Oct. 14 fight against Dillon Danis once McGregor revealed that he’s helping to train Danis for the bout. Confident in his chances of victory, Paul wasted little time proposing a $1 million bet with McGregor earlier this month in regards to the winner of the fight. McGregor, however, has yet to reply to Paul’s challenge — much to the dismay of the 28-year-old WWE star.

“This motherf***** kind of disappoints me, because I grew up really liking Conor McGregor,” Paul said Monday on Andrew Schultz’s Flagrant podcast. “He’s so entertaining, he’s so good. When he fought Floyd [Mayweather], come on, that was like the most exciting sports event ever. I was pumped for it. And now that we’re kind of, in some weird, roundabout way, crossing paths — or he’s training Dillon and Dillon’s the guy I’m fighting and I have an opportunity to open a dialogue with him — he’s kind of just disappointed me as a superstar. Just because of his drug problems, the way he doesn’t commit to anything, the way he doesn’t back up anything he says. The way he’s all bark, no bite.

“These things bother me. I get why he’s friends with Dillon, bro. They’re both bad people. They’re scumbags. The word Jake [Paul] used to describe Dillon is ‘evil,’ and I said, ‘You know what? I that’s actually true.’ He’s an evil, rotten soul. I don’t know if heaven exists, I don’t know if hell exists. I’d like to believe heaven exists, but if hell exists, Dillon Danis f****** belongs there. Rotten, vile, evil, grotesque, putrid human being, and I can see why he’s friends with Conor. So bro, I challenged Conor, I was like, ‘You’re going to train Dillon for the fight? OK, I bet you a $1 million. I bet you $1 million that I beat your fighter. Radio silence.”

Paul and Danis are slated to meet in an eight-round boxing match as the co-main event of the KSI vs. Fury card, which takes place at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Paul is winless as a boxer, having lost a split decision to KSI in his 2019 professional debut. He also survived eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather in a 2021 exhibition that was not scored. Danis has never competed in a boxing competition but is 2-0 as a professional mixed martial artist under the Bellator umbrella and is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Paul said Monday that he asked Danis about McGregor’s silence in an as-of-yet unreleased face-to-face the two filmed to promote the fight. He said that Danis had “no answer.”

Undeterred, he then raised the stakes in his offer to the former UFC two-division champion.

“Conor, you know what, I’ll tell you what, I’ll you what Mr. Moneybags, I’m going to make this more interesting for you,” Paul said. “How about we double it? $2 million. $2 million says I beat your boy Dillon Danis. I know you’re going to see this. I know you’re going to see this clip. You’re coaching him, you’re guiding him, he’s definitely going to show up, right? F*** you. Both of you are all bark, no bite. $2 million that says I beat you boy, I will send you the contract tomorrow. He’s not going to respond. All bark, no bite, both of them.”

When asked why he suspects McGregor has ignored his challenge up to this point, Paul’s answer was simple.

“Because he knows the outcome,” Paul said. “Why would anyone think that Dillon Danis could beat me? Why? No one sees him in Bellator and is like, ‘That dude can strike.’ He won by a toehold in one of his wins. Like, how does that work? You just hold the toe?”

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