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Max Holloway vs. Korean Zombie full fight video highlights

Watch Max Holloway vs. Korean Zombie full fight video highlights from their main event showdown Saturday, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Holloway vs. Korean Zombie took place Aug. 26 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kailang, Singapore. Max Holloway (25-7) and Korean Zombie (17-8) squared off in the the main event clash. The fight aired live on ESPN+.

Catch all the video highlights below.

For more on Holloway vs. Korean Zombie, check out our live blog below.

Round 1

Tentative start, both fighters showing the other a lot of respect. Holloway with a couple of outside leg kicks to get things going. Zombie gets cracked by a counter left. He looks just a step behind Holloway right now. Zombie lands a leg kick. There’s a right hand by Zombie. He presses forward and is scoring but eats another big counter that wobbles him. They trade straight shots. This is tense.

Holloway leading with the left to the head and body. Left hook on the money for the former champion. Holloway circles and then darts in with an accurate 1-2. A couple of body punches score for Holloway. Zombie lunges and scores with a left. He’s throwing like he wants a knockout.

Holloway lands a counter and follows with another quick combo. Good right to the body by Holloway and then he immediately moves out of the way of a Zombie takedown attempt. Zombie advances again and there’s a fast and fun exchange to close the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Holloway.

Round 2

TKZ opens with a left hand. Holloway answers with a right over the top. A short shot hurts Zombie bad and Holloway raises his arms up looking like he’s waiting for Goddard to make a call, but Zombie is scrambling and recovers. Holloway immediately jumps down into a D’Arce choke and Zombie defends until Holloway gives up on it.

Holloway landing shots as Zombie rises, somehow he’s back up and grappling with Holloway against the fence. Classic Zombie. Left hook scores for Zombie. Holloway cranking the volume back up again but he has to be wary of Zombie’s power punches. Sticka-and-move from Holloway, but Zombie chases him and scores.

Holloway slipping punches and landing in this round. He sneaks in a jab. Zombie having difficulty getting past Holloway’s left hand. Holloway starting to pot shot Zombie, the timing is on point. Ripping kick to the body by Holloway. There’s a spin kick to the body from Holloway that draws a reaction from the crowd.

Two in the bank for Holloway.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Holloway. Overall, 20-18 Holloway.

Round 3

Zombie comes out firing, Holloway defending well and he lands a couple of counters. But the Zombie isn’t stopping! Well, he wasn’t until he let himself get cracked by a looping Holloway right hand counter. Down he goes and everyone knows this one is done. Out on his shield.

Holloway hops out to celebrate, but returns shortly after to check on Zombie, who is smiling as Holloway helps him up and they embrace. All class from both fighters.

Salute, Zombie.

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