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Nate Diaz answers Jake Paul’s $10 million MMA offer

Nate Diaz won’t just fight Jake Paul anywhere in the cage.

Diaz on Wednesday responded to Paul’s recent $10 million offer for an MMA fight, laying out a few conditions for it to happen after they lace up boxing gloves for a 10-round fight on Saturday.

Diaz “probably” will return to the UFC after taking on Paul in the squared circle, and he said a potential MMA rematch would either have to take place in the octagon – or under a similar arrangement they have for boxing.

In other words, a Diaz vs. Paul fight in the PFL – Paul’s MMA home – is a no-go.

“I don’t fight for that organization,” Diaz responded on The MMA Hour when asked about Paul’s offer. “If we do something, we’re going to do something real. Co-promotion, if anything.”

Diaz’s Real Fight Inc. is splitting 50-50 the proceeds from Saturday’s fight with Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. The partners have also spurred cooperation from pay-per-view providers, roping in both DAZN and ESPN+ for the broadcast.

Diaz said he hasn’t thought beyond Saturday’s fight with Paul, a crucial test of his drawing power and competitiveness after leaving the UFC as a free agent. There are several high-profile fights he could take in boxing or MMA, not the least of which is a long-awaited trilogy with rival with UFC star Conor McGregor.

Unlike other free agents, Diaz didn’t appear to burn bridges with the UFC when he didn’t re-sign a new contract. He thanked the promotion after a brief public war of words and didn’t rule out a return.

“It will probably either be back in the UFC, or do something like this in an MMA style – or boxing, either one,” Diaz said of his future.

On Saturday, Diaz and Paul will meet in a 185-pound contest that will have serious implications for both of their careers. An MMA bout is still on the horizon.

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