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UFC 292 results: Ian Machado Garry calls out ‘Wonderboy’ after punishing Neil Magny for lopsided decision win

UFC 292: Magny v Garry Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ian Machado Garry calls himself the future but he’s presently becoming one of the best welterweights in the UFC.

In what was called his toughest test against Neil Magny at UFC 292, Garry passed with flying colors as he put on a damaging display of leg kicks that helped him earn a truly lopsided unanimous decision win. The judges gave the fight to Garry with scores of 30-26, 30-26 and 30-24 — and that final scorecard means Garry won every round with a 10-8 over Magny.

“I told everybody when I show up, I surgically dominate,” Garry said afterwards. “That guy has fought some of the best in the welterweight division and I made it look like he never fought in the octagon before. I took my time, I showed patience. That was domination from start to finish. I hurt him and I kept talking to him.”

The kicking game paid off quickly for Garry as he took Magny off his feet twice in a row with a pair of shots to the calf. Garry was focusing on that same leg kick throughout the opening round, which forced Magny to fight off his backfoot.

With less than 30 seconds remaining in the opening round, Magny made the ill-fated mistake of planting to throw a punch and Garry made him pay with another of those same kicks that just dug into the lead leg again.

Even when Magny got more aggressive in an effort to close the distance, Garry just shrugged him off, reset in the center of the cage and then continued with those same devastating kicks to the leg. Magny eventually attempted to drag the fight to the canvas but Garry refused to go down.

Once the fighters separated, Garry blasted that lead leg again and Magny was forced to hop backwards to the cage in survival mode. Every kick that landed had Magny wincing in pain but Garry was still not overextending to risk a potential comeback.

By the time the third round got started, Magny was struggling to even put full weight down on his lead leg, which only had Garry searching for more of those same kicks. Magny was offering almost no resistance with Garry still hunting for those same leg kicks before going up high with one to the head.

Garry finally decided to go to the ground where he delivered a few more strikes but Magny managed to make it until the third round ended. It was still a one-sided fight for Garry, who immediately turned his attention to even tougher competition with hopes to secure a showdown with a two-time welterweight title challenger.

“I’m telling you now I need to prove myself as the best striker this division has ever seen,” Garry shouted. “To be the best striker in the world, you need to beat the best strikers. Everybody has Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson on that list. I will prove to you I am the new generation of striker in the world.”

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