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Video: Inside Dana White’s shoe closet that cost him over $100k in 2022

UFC President Dana White is well-known for his luxurious spending habits, from flown-in snow in Las Vegas, to private cruise ships, to rare sports cars.

Complex profiled another White splurge: tennis shoes. The UFC boss took the entertainment brand on a tour of his shoe closet at the UFC APEX, showing off a store of expensive and rare sneaks that would make collectors drool. The fight boss said he spent $100,000 on tennis shoes alone in 2022.

Over-represented in the room are low-top Travis Scott Nikes that go for as much as $5,000 on the secondary market. White also owns a Nike X Dior model that retails for $2,000, as well as custom shoes adorned with Howler Head whiskey, Bruce Lee and the New England Patriots.

White said a personal shopper does all the legwork in procuring his clothing, from sneakers to underwear and hasn’t been to a mall in 10 years.

As previously reported, UFC corporate parent Endeavor has recorded record profits since the pandemic with the fight promotion a revenue leader. The entertainment giant plans to package the UFC with pro-wrestling leader WWE to create a new corporate spinoff. A recent report detailed the fighters’ decreasing share of yearly revenues.

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