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Logan Paul offers to make UFC debut on Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg card, calls out Paddy Pimblett

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Logan Paul has long teased his interest in crossing over to MMA and it looks like he’s found the perfect card to make his debut.

With billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg continuing to tease an eventual showdown between them in an actual fight — and UFC president Dana White excited for the chance to promote it — Paul says he would be more than willing to share the same card.

“I’ll be honest, I pitched it,” Paul said on his podcast. “I pitched it internally, I pitched it to the [executives] that be, if Elon Musk and [Mark] Zuckerberg fight, I will do my UFC debut on the undercard. I’ll fight for free, for charity.”

Since first teasing the possibility on social media, Musk has gone as far as actually train with UFC legend Georges St-Pierre while Zuckerberg has become a Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiast in recent months while working under famed instructor Dave Camarillo.

The business rivals might have even more at stack as Zuckerberg’s Meta is reportedly preparing to launch a new social media channel that will serve as a direct rival to Twitter, which Musk purchased this past year for $44 billion.

As for Paul, he already has an idea for an opponent for his UFC debut.

“You know who I want to fight actually cause that b**** ass Andrew Tate won’t fight me. Give me Paddy Pimblett,” Paul said. “Give me ‘Paddy the Baddy.’

“In the offseason, that boy looks like a blimp and he’ll come up to my weight class and I’ll wallop him. He’s too small when he cuts weight. When he doesn’t cut weight he’s a f****** horseshoe.”

Paul also believes the UFC or whoever promotes Musk vs. Zuckerberg will need to put on some compelling fights on the undercard because he doesn’t expect much out of the businessmen attempting to compete in MMA.

“They’re going to need to stack the undercard,” Paul said. “That’s why I’m throwing my hat in because being honest with you, no offense to these boys, it’s going to be pathetic. That fight will be pathetic. Highly entertaining but come on.

“Make someone punch who doesn’t know how to punch and see how they look. Watch my first fight.”

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