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Brandon Moreno: Henry Cejudo’s coach not telling full truth about fallout

UFC flyweight champ Brandon Moreno says there’s more to the story about why his relationship with former friend Henry Cejudo dissolved — and he’ll soon reveal his side.

Moreno is scheduled to defend his UFC flyweight title against Alexandre Pantoja in the co-main event of UFC 290 on July 8. Cejudo and Moreno had a close relationship prior to The Ultimate Fighter 24, where Cejudo was a coach and Moreno was a competitor.

Cejudo’s coach Eric Albarracin said the relationship between Moreno and his pupil declined because Cejudo didn’t pick Moreno for his team — instead electing to pick Pantoja as the No. 1 seed — and that was the beginning of the issue.

Moreno said there’s some truth there, but not the whole truth.

“The only thing I’m going [to say] about it, because I’m focused right now on Alexandre [Pantoja] — he’s dangerous — but the only thing I’m going to say is that, for sure, he’s saying some truth, but he’s lying in a different way at the same time,” Moreno said on The MMA Hour.

“So in the [present], not [going to really talk about it] right now. I want to talk a little bit more [about it], but right now, I’m focusing on Alexandre. I know you want to ask me about what happens in the future, but man, that’s the future.”

Moreno has his next fight on the books, so he is remaining focused on the task at hand, especially since Pantoja has two wins over him in the past.

With that said, should the UFC approach Moreno with a fight against Cejudo, there wouldn’t be much hesitation to say yes.

“[I’m] ready to rock, man,” Moreno said.

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