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Pitbull brothers accuse ‘coward’ Kleber Koike of invading locker room, kicking Patricky from behind

Patricio Pitbull defeated Kleber Koike in 2022

Patricio Pitbull and his brother Patricky Pitbull have accused former RIZIN champion Kleber Koike of entering their locker room during Super RIZIN 2 and attacking Patricky from behind.

Patricio, who won a decision over Koike in 2022 but lost on Sunday to Chihiro Suzuki by first-round knockout, first revealed the situation on social media, calling Koike a “dirt loser and a coward” for allegedly kicking his brother and then “run away.”

Koike did not respond to a request for comment.

Patricky, who stopped Koike’s teammate Roberto Satoshi in the main event of Bellator vs. RIZIN 2 on Sunday, added more context to the alleged incident in a voice message sent to MMA Fighting.

“He was talking crap on his YouTube channel three or four days ago and I was pissed, but Patricio told me to ignore it and don’t give him attention,” Pitbull said. “I was not in Patricio’s corner and from where I was, I saw him walk by all dressed up. I imagined he would talk trash at Patricio if he won or something like that. When Patricio lost, I looked at him and he was jumping, laughing and celebrating. I ran to the ring to check on Patricio and then went to the other corner to say [to Koike], ‘You’re a f***ing a**hole, I’ll beat you up.’ He started playing victim.

“When I was leaving the ring, I went to [Koike] and said, ‘You’re a f***ing coward.’ He was like, ‘Me? What did I do?’ I said, ‘You’re talking sh*t online about us, you a**hole,’ and put both hands on his chest and left. I met Roberto Satoshi on the hallway and said, ‘I like you, but Kleber is a coward, celebrating my brother’s loss.’ Satoshi said, ‘Yeah, Kleber is a bit complicated, he likes to do stuff like that.’ I said, ‘Tell him if he wants to talk sh*t, come talk to us face to face, don’t act like a coward.’

“I went to the locker room, I was sitting down with my back [to the door], watching fights, and then one of coaches alerted me. When I looked back, [Koike] was already jumping with a kick to my chest. A f***ing brawl started inside the locker room but he ran away. More than 30 people in the locker room, we tried [finding him] in other rooms, but he ran away, left home.”

Pitbull posted a photo on his Twitter page of an apparent private message sent to Koike on social media that read, “I’m waiting for you to show up before I leave to Brazil.”

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