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John Gotti III no longer suspended by Florida commission for Floyd Mayweather brawl

Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III

John Gotti III is no longer under suspension following a post-fight melee at his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees the Florida State Boxing Commission, confirmed Gotti’s status to MMA Fighting. No reason was given for the reversal of a six-month suspension initially issued by the commission. Gotti III could not be reached for comment.

Gotti III received a half-year term after he ignored referee Kenny Bayless’ stoppage of his exhibition fight with Mayweather, triggering a brief in-ring melee between the boxers and their camps. It took several minutes for order to be restored, and the melee set off other fights inside the arena. Mayweather was not suspended.

The eight-round exhibition match was called off in the sixth round after Bayless repeatedly warned both competitors for excessive trash talk and in Gotti III’s case for holding. Gotti III became more agitated as Mayweather taunted he and his supporters outside the ring, and by the time the fight was called, the men were trading nonstop profanities.

Gotti III later declared Mayweather his “enemy for life,” but in an appearance on The MMA Hour, he said their bad blood was no more and he sought a rematch.

Although the exhibition match didn’t count on either fighter’s professional record, the melee was a setback for both and a particular embarrassment for Mayweather, who retired undefeated only to continue promoting exhibition matches with boxing neophytes like Logan Paul and Aaron Chalmers.

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