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Video: Fighter’s cup issues lead to bizarre disqualification

You don’t see disqualifications for a fighter’s protective cup falling out repeatedly every day, but that’s what occurred this past weekend in Patchogue, N.Y.

During an amateur flyweight bout between Tommy Cox and Jason White at Saturday’s Flex Fights: Tiki Takedown Vol. 25 event, that’s exactly what happened. In the opening seconds of the bout, White’s cup immediately fell out of his shorts, leading to the fighter being incredibly frustrated. After he attempted to put the loose protective piece back in his shorts, the fight resumed only for the cup to fall out again within seconds. The referee picked the cup up before waving off the fight, ruling it a disqualification win for Cox — who didn’t throw a single strike in the bout.

Check out the unusual fight-ending sequence below.

The commentators pointed out before the bout started that White had been “fiddling with his cup,” and that it wasn’t “in there properly,” before suggesting that athletes invest in the right equipment.

After the bout was waved off, White fell to the mat in anger, while Cox walked around the cage somewhat stunned at the result with his second amateur win.

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