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Video: Fighter lands gnarly groin shot, prematurely celebrates, but still wins ONE Fight Night 12 decision

Banma Duoji thought he scored a vicious ground and pound finish at ONE Fight Night 12, but instead he nearly demolished opponent Walter Goncalves with a horrific groin shot.

The bizarre sequence unfolded on Friday night with Duoji standing over top of Goncalves when he threw a punch that perhaps he was aiming as a body shot. Wherever he was aiming, he ended connecting flush on Goncalves’ groin, and Goncalves rolled over in immediate pain from the blow landed.

As referee Herb Dean stepped into pause the action, Duoji obviously thought he got the finish, because he jumped up and immediately celebrated. He even went as far as leaping up on the ring ropes with his hands held high.

It wasn’t until a few seconds later when the announcement was made that the action was stopped for an injury timeout thanks to the low blow suffered by Goncalves.

To his credit, Goncalvez eventually got back to his feet and he was able to continued, but Duoji still remained in control for the remainder of the fight to secure a unanimous decision victory.

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