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Kingpyn Boxing results: Conor McGregor teammate Kiefer Crosbie drops Aaron Chalmers twice in decision win

Former Bellator fighters Keifer Crosbie and Aaron Chalmers battled it out in a boxing match on Saturday in Dublin.

Crosbie, a longtime teammate of UFC star Conor McGregor, was successful in the featured bout of Saturday’s Kingpyn Boxing event at the 3Arena.

Chalmers and Crosbie certainly had the highest-level boxing match of the card, with both standing in the pocket, using solid footwork, head movement, and boxing prowess. Both men landed hard shots in the opening round, with Crosbie getting Chalmers’ attention a couple of times.

Both men traded hard uppercuts in close in the third round as the action started to slow — Crosbie being the fresher of the two.

At the start of the fourth round, Crosbie floored Chalmers in the opening seconds. As Chalmers got to his feet, the flurry of Crosbie continued for a second scored knockdown. The action resumed and Chalmers continued to throw punches despite being dropped twice, but Crosbie remained patient, picking his punches, seemingly one big punch from ending the fight. To Chalmers’ credit, he survived to see the start of the final round.

Crosbie began to feel himself a bit in the final stanza, talking to people in the crowd before landing a hard jab, taunting Chalmers at times. They got in close, forehead-to-forehead for phone booth exchanges — which were short lived due to clinching. In the final 30 seconds, both men were successful landing combinations before unloading the clip in the final seconds of the bout.

Two of the judges scored the bout a clean sweep for Crosbie, while the third scored it 48-45 for the victor.

Following the win, Crosbie called out Tommy Fury to accept a future matchup inside the squared circle.

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