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Video: Logan Paul crashes head-first through two tables after being launched off WWE top rope

Logan Paul has earned a reputation for pulling off high-flying daredevil moves since debuting in professional wrestling, but he was on the wrong end of a highlight at WWE’s Money in the Bank event on Saturday in London.

The social influencer, who sometimes dabbles in boxing as well, was part of a six-man match involving ladders, where a contract for a future title match in WWE hung high above the ring. Those kinds of matches usually result in some wild theatrics, which is exactly what happened to Paul.

After falling off a ladder onto the top rope, Paul got tangled up with Ricochet (real name Trevor Mann), who grabbed onto the 28-year-old Ohio native and then launched both of them through a pair of tables set up outside the ring.

Multiple replays showed Paul crashing head-first through the tables and then slamming down to the ground, which earned quite a reaction from the crowd in attendance.

Despite the harrowing look to the fall, Paul was able to continue in the match, but he ultimately came up short after Damien Priest (real name Luis Martinez) captured the contract to earn the victory.

This is the second straight major event in WWE where Paul has pulled off this kind of move after he previously appeared at WrestleMania in April and jumped off the top rope, except that time he “accidentally” crash landed through former opponent turned business partner KSI.

Paul inked a new multi-year deal with WWE back in April after making sporadic appearances for the promotion, and it looks as if these marquee events will continue to serve as his landing spot in the future as well.

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