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Tony Ferguson pleads not guilty to misdemeanor DUI charge in Los Angeles

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson has plead not guilty after he was hit with a misdemeanor DUI charge after he allegedly crashed his truck in Hollywood, Calif. in May.

Prosecutors handed down the DUI charge with Ferguson appearing at an arraignment hearing this past week according to a report from TMZ.

The ex-UFC interim lightweight champion was initially arrested on May 7 after he allegedly smashed into two parked cars and flipped his truck outside a night club around 2 a.m. local time. Ferguson was taken into custody after he reportedly refused a field sobriety test from the responding police officers.

According to the initial report, Ferguson was “very uncooperative” during the investigation, although he didn’t suffer any injuries from the crash.

He was later released on bail.

Misdemeanor DUI charges in California typically end with a fine being assessed up to $1,000 along with alcohol rehabilitation and education classes. Jail time is rarely an option, especially for a first-time offender.

If found guilty, Ferguson would also likely be put on informal probation, which means not getting into any further legal trouble during that period of time.

Ferguson has not publicly addressed the alleged crash or the DUI charges, although he is scheduled to compete again with a matchup booked against Bobby Green at UFC 291 on July 29 in Salt Lake City.

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