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Video: Conor McGregor punches out Miami Heat mascot at NBA Finals game

ESPN, Instagram

Conor McGregor is already warming up for Michael Chandler.

The former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion was part of the mid-game festivities on Friday at Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Standing mid-court at Miami’s Kaseya Center to promote a cryotherapy pain relief spray, McGregor suddenly met his match in the form of Burnie, the Heat’s mascot who interrupted “The Notorious” while sporting a pair of giant golden boxing gloves.

Without missing a beat, McGregor first downed Burnie with his famed left hand shot, then finished off his handiwork with another left hand for good measure.

Catch video of McGregor’s antics below.

McGregor and Chandler are currently starring as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 31. The two lightweights are tenatively expected to collide in late 2023. The fight will be McGregor’s first since the devastating leg injury he suffered in his July 2021 trilogy loss to Dustin Poirier.

And if Friday night was any indication, McGregor still has plenty of pop in that left hand.

UPDATE: It appears this stunt did not go well.

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